Autumn in Arbor Vitae


It’s beautiful in the Northwoods today. Bright blue sky, windy and mild temps.  The wind has taken its toll on the fall colors. They are mostly on the ground now waiting to be raked and hauled away. I love the sound of the dry leaves scraping on the deck. It is so nice to have the doors and windows open. We usually have snow already. This is a very nice surprise. Soon the windows will be closed tight against the bitter winds and sitting in front of  the woodstove will take the place of the screen proch. But I’m looking forward to wool sweaters and mittens. The solitude of winter is welcome after the hectic summer. Early dark evenings are a good excuse for sitting with a basket of wool and planning a new knitting project. And my neglected studio will soon be littered with paper scraps, paint brushes, glue and assorted embellishments. I learned a new technnique for paper and fabric flowers that I am anxious to try. Maybe now I will have the time to create.

My backyard

Behind the wood shed.

Oak leaves are still hanging on.

Ready for Winter

Grown from seed, my morning glories escaped the frost this year and are still blooming.

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About bykimball

I live in the woods of northern Wisconsin where I make as much by hand as I can squeeze into a busy day. What I make depends upon what I happen to be inspired by at the moment. It's a mixture of crafts; book making, papermaking, mixed media collage, soapmaking, felting, knitting, name a few. Walk the journey with me.

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  1. Oh wow, so pretty!! This time of year I always think about how beautiful it is where you are…thanks for sharing the pics!

    • Thank for your kind words! I think my poor morning glories are a bit deformed from the lack of sun and cold weather. They persevered despite our short summer and early fall. They are a bit small as well. But I am glad that you found them special. Oh, the sees came for (sorry to admit) WalMart!!

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